Mobile Application Development

We develop native mobile application using the cutting edge technologies to provide the best possible performance

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Hi-End Web App

We develop Hi-End Web Application for you. We use Python/NodeJS or Phalcon to acquire the best possible performance.

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Web/VoIP/Email server Administration

We setup and manage Web/Email/VoIP server. Our team can deal with any issue in 24x7 basis. Just hire us and forget (except payment)

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Call Center Solution

Customer support is an important aspect of any business for gaining maximum revenue. To make the process easier and automated, Call Center is the best solution.

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Video Meeting

Unlike other video meeting/conferencing solution, we provide total control over system and attendee, large number of device support with Enterprise ready technology.

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Virtual Phone

Get US/UK/Australian phone number and receive calls from your location. Customer don't need to pay long distance call charge and you don't need to pay high call forwarding fee.

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IVR with Virtual Number

IVR plays a key role in making the brand image of a company. And a brand is made with the way every single need of the customers is taken care of.

  • IVR Increases Your Ability to Handle Large Volume of Calls
  • It Establishes Your Brand Image Among Customers
  • It Provides a Platform to Engage with Customers in Real-time
  • It Routes Your Call to the Right Department & Agent
  • And we provide an excellent IVR solution starting from $15*

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IVR & Virtual Number

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps became the most popular medium to reach the consumer these days. Now a day’s many start-up companies and many industries are implementing the mobile apps for their business to attract more customers and deliver the utmost convenience. We are here to help you with our experienced team

  • Unlike most of the affordable developers, we develop native apps to deliver the best experience
  • We develop all sorts of apps including Social/Travel/Fitness/Personal/Banking
  • Both of the Android/iOS app development service is available
  • You can have Database or API Driven, GPS/Bluetooth or other sensor based, PUSH Notification enabled apps
  • Post development support*

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Web/Email/VoIP Server Administration

You know how complex servers are. To choose a perfect server from reliable provider is another big challenge. And managing those with regular maintenance is another complicated job. We're here to help you for those.

  • We help you to choose the best server from reliable provider within your budget
  • We setup your Web/Email/VoIP server
  • Our team is always ready to manage or troubleshoot on demand
  • We're specialist in working with Apache/Nginx, Dovecot/Postfix, Asterisk/Elastix
  • We provide those services in unbeatable price
  • Post sale support*

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Server Administration

Web Development

Web Application Development

Do you now hoe important a website is for your business? And these days websites aren't just information portal, instead complex applications with automate most the of customer interaction, invoice/sale management, CRM and lot more. Check bellow what we provide

  • WordPress Theme/Plugin Development, Custom App using Custom post type, meta and API integration
  • High performance Laravel/PhalconPHP based Web Application
  • NodeJS(Express, SailsJS) with MongoDB based Enterprise Grade Web Application
  • Pyhon Flask/Tornado/Japronto based Web App with MongoDB/DynamoDB database to server millions of customers
  • Any sort of API integration
  • Unbeatable price
  • Post sale support*

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Call Center Solution

Do you own a stratup and need call center for your business? Or looking for affordable solution? You're in the right place. Let's get a short overview of our service

  • No complex hardware of $$$$ are required
  • Interactive IVR
  • Call automation based on business model
  • IVR integration with exiting CRM
  • Use from your current PC/Laptop/Smartphone or conventional Desk Phone
  • Unbeatable price
  • Post sale support*

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Call center Solution

Video Meeting/Conferencing

Unlike other providers, our video conferencing solution provides complete controls over the system. You'll own everything, no recurring fee, plus no need to pay $$$$$ for having those hardware.

Key specifications of our solution

  • Very affordable
  • Can be used in exiting PC/Laptop/Smartphone/IP Phone
  • Vast control over system
  • No recurring fee
  • Post sale support*
Video Conferencing

Virtual Phone

Let's say you've clients in USA and you conduct your business from India. If you've a US phone number and can receive calls on that number from your location, that will be great, isn't it? What you've to need are a working internet connection and a PC/Laptop/Smartphone/ATA/IP Phone.

Our Virtual Phone features

  • IN/US/UK/Australia/Canada Phone number
  • TLS encrypted complete secured connection
  • Windows/Linux/Mac OS/Android/iOS/Windows Phone/ATA/IP Phone support
  • Incoming calls are completely free
  • Very cheap outgoing call rate
  • Affordable setup/monthly fee

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Virtual Phone Number

You can contact us over phone or email. Just call us or send an email if you've any query. Office address and phone number are as follows

363/1/27, South Bankimpally, Madhyamgram, Kolkata, West Bengal 700129

Toll-Free: 1800-572-2432
International: +91-124-6520-015

For any service or booking an appointment, just fill up the form and hit "Submit"

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