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Software as you need

Appliplus has a fully-fledged software development section that develops custom software for Desktop, Web application, Mobile application, ERP, Accounting, CRM, E-Commerce and also serves as an authorized software distributor for global brands.

Custom Software; Why You Need it

Off-the-shelf or ready-made software solutions are developed based on the generic requirements of the category they are developed, and these solutions may sometimes work for your business. However, your business needs unique solutions that can solve problems specific to your organization, which is why custom software development comes in.

Benefits of Appliplus Custom Software Development Services

Appliplus custom software development provides businesses with software developed specifically to accommodate their business's unique preferences and expectations. Below are some of the benefits that your business will get with our custom software development services:

Tailor-Made to Your Unique Business Needs

Off-the-shelf software solutions usually aren't built around your business goals. However, our software solutions are specifically developed to suit your business goals and solutions. During the development phase, we shall provide you with several opportunities to optimize your processes, resulting in higher productivity and revenue for your business.

Strategic Long-term investment

Developing a custom software solution may seem like an expensive option compared to an off-the-shelf solution, but it will get you higher returns on your investment in the long run.

A custom software solution is a long-term strategic investment. It eliminates the need to purchase expensive, unnecessary additional hardware or pay for licenses and features that you'll probably never use or need. This results in lower running costs as compared to off-the-shelf software.

Support and Maintenance Cycle

Appliplus provides support and maintenance of your software throughout its usage period, giving you peace of mind. This is in contrast to off-the-shelf software which leaves you at the mercy of the software company that developed that software. Therefore, you're dependent on someone else to update and improve your software, which isn't a good position to put your business.t.

Better Security Features

Off-the-shelf software is readily and commercially available to anyone. This makes it more vulnerable to hacking and ransomware attacks than custom-developed software. Custom software solutions are less prone to outside intrusion as they utilize their unique tools and algorithms, which hackers might take a lot of time to infiltrate than the popular off-the-shelf software.

Scalable and Flexible

Your business is continually growing, and your software business solutions will require adjustments to accommodate your ever-changing business goals. Custom-developed software provides an easy solution to scale up or down your software solutions, unlike off-the-shelf software solutions, which are challenging to scale as per your business requirements.

Appliplus custom software solutions are also highly flexible, as they allow the removal or addition of new software modules or features with quick turnaround times.


There may be several other tools that your business may be using, and you could want these tools to work seamlessly with your custom software solution. With Appliplus, integrating all your company's tools and systems into one platform is possible.

Many off-the-shelf software solutions do have some form of integration functionality. However, their integration level may not be seamless as you could have wanted and rarely achieve the level and degree of integration required for a seamless connection.

Competitive Advantage

Appliplus develops custom software exclusively suited to the needs of your business. Therefore, your business gets to have unique, superior features that your competitors don't have.

This unique feature that enables your business to execute specific workflow processes in a certain way can become your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. This is in sharp contrast to an off-the-shelf software solution that you'll need to align your processes against it.

Every business has different needs, and many of them come to realize that off-the-shelf software solutions will short of their expectations and comprise their business goals. Appliplus custom development services turn your business software ideas into reality and give you an advantage over your competitors who are still stuck with off-the-shelf solutions.

At Appliplus providing software solutions and services is our passion. We build custom software to fit your unique needs and improve your business processes.

Regardless of the industry you're in or your company's size, you can always rely on Appliplus for successfully implementing your