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Missed call Alert

Missed call alert services are among the numerous benefits provided by Cloud communications solution providers.


Missed Call, Explained

A missed call refers to a telephone call that is deliberately terminated by the caller before being answered by the intended recipient, to communicate a pre-agreed message. Now, that last part communicating a pre-agreed message - meaning there was a prior agreement between the two parties involved.


Missed call alerts are a form of lead generation value-added service usually deployed by mobile operators to allow their customers get notifications on their mobile devices when out of reach or by businesses providing their customers with a way to reply to them.


Benefits of Missed Calls

Missed Call Services are a great way of small businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Here are some of those ways. Let’s dig in.


Getting New Leads

It makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with your company when you see your adverts or promotions, by proceeding to call your virtual number as indicated on the ad.


Integration with Third-Party applications

Contact information and call analytics from your calls automatically get exported to third-party applications such as Google spreadsheets.


Automated Call-Back or SMS

An automated call-back or SMS can be triggered once a missed call lands on your virtual number, notifying you to call your customers.


Data Verification

With the increasing cases of data theft and fraudulent practices over the internet, missed call service is providing some protective measure against small businesses against such practices.

Customers can make a missed call and an IVR installed on your end can automatically verify their number using advanced algorithm features. This feature helps filter out spam calls entering your system.


CRM Integration Capabilities

You can integrate your missed call data with your company’s CRM. This enhances your follow up process and improves business productivity.



Missed call services are cost-effective as they cost nothing to implement, as opposed to SMS based campaigns that incur costs.


Effectively Manage Surveys on a broader scale

Deploying surveys and polls over SMS is an expensive affair for both voters and the business. Missed call service simplifies and makes undertaking surveys cost-effective by replacing the message responses with missed call responses.


Missed call service has also made it possible for people without smart phones but have landlines to participate in surveys and polls actively.

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