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IVR Solutions

During the early days of Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs), many people mistakenly thought they were speaking to a person live on the other end. Little did they know that these voices were pre-recorded. We have since come a long way then.

Fast forward. IVRs are no longer just cool features to impress your customers but were robust systems developed to improve business productivity by routing callers to the most appropriate agent or department to handle their queries.

The general perception has always been they were designed for large companies. This couldn't be further from the truth, as we shall see in this blog post. There are numerous benefits that small businesses can obtain from implementing IVR solutions into their business processes.


Reduction of Human Errors

Small businesses due to budgetary constraints, can only afford to employ one customer service attendant to handle all of their incoming calls.


Dramatically Improves The Customer's Experience

By routing the caller to the most appropriate agent to handle their issues, an IVR system is able to shorten the time it takes to resolves a customers’ issue. This results to a better customer experience.


High Personalization That Improves Business Efficiency

IVR systems are able to personalize greetings using the caller's ID by looking up into the database and gathering data about the caller. This enables your company agents to provide your customers’ with solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Provides A 24/7 Customer Service for Your Customers

Easily set up pre-recorded messages for customers who call after office hours, weekends, holidays, letting them know when you’re next available to handle their queries.


Enhances Brand Visibility And Reputation

An IVR system projects a professional outlook of your business, which gives it the illusion of it being bigger than its actual size.


Extremely Cost-Effective

An IVR system's ability to handle large volumes of calls is truly a game-changer for your business, as you'll now only need a couple of customer service attendants. This results in huge savings on salary wages, which can then be redistributed to other essential areas of your business.


Reduces Call Abandonment Rate

A robust and intuitive IVR system can prevent frustrated customers from hanging from you and abandoning an interest in purchasing a product or service from your company.


Provides An Avenue For Remarketing

You can use an IVR system to deliver remarketing ads to callers based on their past calling history.

Small businesses operate on tight budgets. Therefore the ability to automate their call processes, resulting in hiring only a few staff, is truly a game-changer for these small businesses. An IVR system provides your business with that and many more features.