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Click 2 Call, also known as Web call, click-to-talk, click-to-dial, to mention a few, is a feature that is unique to Cloud Telephony. It is a web-based communication that is used to establish an immediate connection with another person. This can be done in several ways; phone calls, text, and video calls.


Sounds great? Wait, there is more

You can also initiate a connection through a click-to-talk button on a website or a hyperlink placed in an email.


How Click 2 Call Works

Even though Click 2 Call is usually used to describe the technology, it's pretty much misleading, and Request a Call Back would be more accurate. And this is why.


Click 2 Call requires a customer to enter their phone number on a web interface, which is then submitted to an operator at the company who then calls the customer.


What makes this technology unique from previous technologies is that the customer isn't required to download any fancy applications on their computer which is good because many people are nowadays reluctant to download any apps due to malware and viruses issues.


Benefits of Click 2 Call

Click 2 Call provides numerous benefits to small businesses operating under a tight budget. Here are a couple of those benefits:


No More Waiting On Hold for the Next Available Agent

With Click 2 Call, there is no waiting list. Submit your phone number and an agent calls you back immediately.


Efficient Phone Calls Management

There are certain days and specific times during the day when the call traffic will be higher. Click 2 Call allows you to effectively manage call- back requests of your customers with ease.


Access to Your Call Analytics

Click 2 Call allows you to manage your calls effectively by providing you access to your call logs. Your data is also encrypted and protected.


Simplicity Is Key

Click 2 Call is simple to operate, both for the customer and website owner. Deploying Click 2 Call technology on your website is as simple as inserting code on your website.


Click 2 Call: A must-have feature

Click 2 Call is a must-have feature that can be integrated on your Website or CRM. Millions of small businesses have realized the potential of cloud communication technologies due to its cost-effectiveness and versatility, especially this pandemic period.


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