To know how CloudPBX can help to minimize communication costs

Benefits of Cloud PBX for Small Business

Many businesses are currently moving to the cloud for its’ obvious advantages, and for those who haven’ made the move yet, its’ no longer a question if they should move, but a matter of when. Among the most popular cloud communication technologies is cloud PBX, which provides a unified communication suite for businesses.


Cloud PBX, Explained

Cloud PBX, also referred to as Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX is an IP-based PBX solution that is entirely deployed and accessed completely through the internet. A major benefit Cloud PBX has over the traditional PBX is its innovative features and an easy to setup process that non-technical people can follow and have the system running within no time.


Cloud PBX solutions provide numerous benefits for small business, and below are a couple of them

Integrated Communication Suite

A cloud PBX integrates a company’s communication channels into its business process and workflows that help increase its efficiency and productivity.Popular productivity tools such as CRM, Email marketing systems, instant messaging, and video conferencing have developed APIs that enable easy integrations with cloud PBXs.


Flexibility and Control

Cloud PBX solutions provide a wide-range of features and a high level of control to users, that allow them to choose the features they want. Businesses and their agents are able to access cloud PBX solutions on multiple internet-ready devices; giving them a high level of flexibility.


Superior Communication Features at Low Cost

Small businesses get to access superior and advanced features which are usually reserved for big companies. Some of these features include; virtual assistant, auto attendant, call centre solutions, among others.



Only pay for what you need. Cloud PBX solutions allow businesses to only pay for features they require at any given period. Businesses are free to upgrade their package plans whenever their business processes require them. This allows businesses to save on operational costs which they can choose to direct to other areas of their business.


Business Continuity

Business continuity is the advance planning, and preparation undertaken to ensure that a business will continue to operate normally in the event of a disaster or during an emergency period, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic environment.


Since cloud PBX solutions are deployed and accessed on the cloud, you can rest easy, with the assurance that your business processes and workflow will never be affected.


This and many more benefits of Cloud PBX solutions are what are making millions of small businesses move their communication and business processes to the cloud.AppliPlus is a cloud communications solution provider that offers businesses industry standard cloud PBX solutions. Contact us for a FREE demo and learn how we can help grow your business communication needs.