Next.js is a free and open-source React web framework created by Vercel (formerly ZEIT). It is based on React and can be used to create static and server-side rendered applications. Next.js includes a React-based component model, a routing system, and a build toolchain for creating static sites.

Next.js is a popular choice for creating React-based web applications for several reasons. First, it includes all of the features that are needed to create a React application out of the box. This includes a component model, routing, and a build toolchain. There is no need to install and configure additional libraries or tools. Second, Next.js applications are easy to deploy. They can be deployed to static file hosting services, such as Amazon S3, GitHub Pages, and Netlify. They can also be deployed to traditional web hosting services, such as Heroku.

There are a few reasons why someone might choose to use Next.js over other options:

  1. Next.js makes it easy to get started with server-rendered React applications.
  2. Next.js comes with built-in support for React, JSX, and TypeScript.
  3. Next.js includes a Router that makes it easy to create server-rendered applications with dynamic routes.
  4. Next.js automatically statically optimizes your application when possible.
  5. Next.js can be configured to use a variety of different backends, including Node.js, Express, and even PHP.

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