The COVID-19 pandemic has shown light on the essential role that telecommunications service providers play in providing connectivity to people and systems. The pandemic has also demonstrated the importance of having robust, resilient, and secure telecommunications/ICT infrastructure for social welfare and the global economy.


Companies such as AppliPlus have been at the forefront of providing telecommunication solutions to businesses of all sizes before and during the COVID-19 pandemic period. 


A little More About AppliPlus

AppliPlus was established in 2014 in Kolkata, India, as a technology company offering a diverse range of services; Dedicated & Cloud Servers, Network Security and Firewall, Custom Desktop, Web, Mobile software, App development, IVR/Call Center Solutions, Virtual Numbers among others.


Where we are Now

Fast forward seven years, AppliPlus has grown to 10+ employees, over 150+ clients across the globe, 90+ servers deployed, and 200+ software delivered, and with more than 30 million calls processed so far, AppliPlus is a company destined for tremendous growth. 


How do we do it? Impeccable service, passionate people, and top-class quality systems.


Here’s a list of Telecommunication solutions we provide businesses:



Click 2 Call, also known as Web call, click-to-talk, or click-to-dial, to mention a few, is a feature that is unique to Cloud Telephony. It is web-based communication that is used to establish an immediate connection with another person. This can be done in several ways; phone calls, texts, and video calls. And that’s not all, you can also initiate a connection through a click-to-talk button on a website or a hyperlink placed in an email.


Virtual numbers

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers not directly associated or aligned to a telephone line. These numbers can be assigned to different hardware devices such as IP Desk phones, software applications such as mobile apps hosted on Google Play Store, or Apps installed on a computer. Among the benefits of Virtual numbers are:


  • Cost-effective as Regional and international calls can be routed via toll-free internet links or to local numbers attracting local charges only
  • Multiple numbers at the price of one
  • Increased productivity and flexibility allow you to set up your business anywhere
  • Numerous features on your virtual number


IVR Solutions

IVR is a technology that automates your inbound calls by allowing businesses to interact with their customers through pre-recorded voice messages with DTMF input using a keypad. An IVR system interacts with callers, gathers essential information, and routes call to the appropriate agents.


Missed Call Services

A missed call refers to a telephone call deliberately terminated by the caller before being answered by the intended recipient to communicate a pre-agreed message. Missed call alerts are a form of lead generation value-added service usually deployed by mobile operators to allow their customers to get notifications on their mobile devices when out of reach or by businesses providing their customers with a way to reply to them.


Small Business Communication Suite

We offer several Cloud communication solutions targeting small businesses. Our communication packages target small companies on tight budgets. 


Here is a list of communication solutions that are ideal for small businesses:


Cloud Server, 1 DID/DOD (Direct Inward/Outward Dialing Numbers), Unlimited* Calling Plans, Unlimited* Outgoing Calls, CRM Integration, Ring groups, After hour settings,


At AppliPlus, we have risen to become the preferred choice for cloud communications solutions for small businesses in India within a short period. Contact us and learn how.