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Benefits of Having Virtual numbers for Small Businesses

The issuing of virtual phone numbers is a premium service that cloud communication solution providers include in their different plan packages.

Virtual phone numbers provide businesses with numerous benefits; however, many of their customers aren't aware of these benefits. In this blog post, we shall have an in-depth look into the benefits of having virtual numbers for small businesses.

But, First What Are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers are just that, Virtual numbers.

That may be true, but it doesn’t provide us with the deeper, technical meaning of virtual numbers. Okay. Here’s a more in-depth definition.

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers not directly associated or aligned to a telephone line. These numbers can be assigned to different hardware devices such as IP Desk phones, software applications such as mobile apps hosted on Google Play Store or Apps installed on a computer.

This Is Where It Gets More Interesting

Users can assign more than one telephone number to their phone line. Sounds interesting? Wait, there is more. Cloud Telephony technology doesn't rely on copper lines. Therefore, Cloud Telephone numbers can be considered as good examples of virtual numbers. Google Voice also falls under this category.

Let's dig in to learn more about the benefits of virtual numbers for small businesses.

Provides An Illusion Of Having A Local Presence In An Area

Virtual numbers provide an illusion of having a local presence in an area, without actually having one. This encourages potential customers to call your business, as they will naturally assume it’s located in their area.

Cut Costs By Getting A Local Area Code

Both your business and customers will save on communication costs as you'll be able to bypass the hefty fees associated with making long-distance phone calls.

Projects A Professional Image

Virtual numbers can be customized to ensure consistency across your business communication platform, resulting in having a professional outlook of your business.

Allows For Flexibility And Mobility

Since virtual numbers aren't tied to specific devices or lines, your agents and teams can essentially work from anywhere, and always reachable as the calls can be routed to any device.

With the current pandemic forcing companies to rethink their existing work models, companies are now embracing remote working models, and the ability to assign virtual numbers for specific area codes to employees working in different area codes, is undoubtedly a game-changer for these companies.