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Small Business Communication Suite

Cloud communication solution providers have different communications solutions targeting small businesses; however, not all solutions are the right solution for every small business.

Small businesses operate on tight budgets. Therefore, you must go for communication packages with the most comprehensive solution plans you can afford.

Here is a list of communication solutions that are ideal for small businesses.


Cloud Server

This package includes Cloud Hosting for your Web App (Website). 100% network uptime with option to scale will help to make a good impression to your clients.


1 DID/DOD (Direct Inward/Outward Dialing Numbers)

This is a virtual number that allow you to route incoming calls to your existing phone lines. It eliminates the need for you to purchase additional phone lines. We provide two of them.


Unlimited* Calling Plans

Our Unlimited incoming calls package allows your business to receive unlimited calls without paying any additional fees or charges.


Unlimited* Outgoing Calls

Our Unlimited outgoing calls included in the Small Business Solution packages gives provides you peace of mind. You'll never have to worry about running out of balance or talk-time. With no daily/monthly call limits to worry about, this feature is a game-changer.


CRM Integration

Easily integrate your CRM with our cloud communication solution. Your team will be able to make, and record calls directly from your browser and automatically log them to your CRM.


Up to 5 Departments

Connect up to 5 departments in your organisation and seamlessly integrate our cloud communication solutions across these departments.


Up to 10 Agents

Connect up to 10 agents in your organisation and provided them with access to all the Cloud Communications features included in our Small Business Solutions Package.


Unlimited Call Recordings

Our Unlimited call recording ensures your calls are safely recorded for future reference.

Call recordings have proven to be one of the most effective means for issue resolution, security, and in various cases meeting compliance needs.


Up to 10 Agents

This feature enables a phone to ring to all members in a specific team or category.


Daily Reports

Keeping daily reports of your call activities is not easy. However, with our comprehensive daily reporting analytics feature, you'll receive daily, in-depth reports of all your calling activities. Our daily report indicates the performance of your agents and clients.


Ring Groups

Ring groups are a group of phone numbers or extensions that ring together simultaneously, wherever any of the extensions is dialled. They are usually used by businesses to distribute incoming calls to the team or department so that there is always someone to attend to their customers.

Our small business solution package provides a variety of settings and configurations to suit every situation.


After Hour Settings

Our after-hour call answering service helps you continue providing support to clients, well after your business hours. Our system allows you to record and set up automatic voice replies to your customers, depending on the assistance requested.

Below are the features that you should always check before settling on a small business solution service plan.



Installation costs usually vary due to other factors beyond your control, such as the wiring setup of your business premises.



Your geographical location does have a bearing on the cost as international calls are usually charged by the minute, based on pre-set costs of that destination.



The cost of security is dependent on the security and data encryption levels that your business requires. Higher security and data encryption levels are ordinarily charged higher rates. Your best bet could be to start lower and scale up your service plan as your business grows.



You should always consider this feature, as the amount of bandwidth your business consumes affects your pricing package. Hosted Phone Providers Are Most Preferred There are many Cloud Telephony solution providers are marketing their products on the internet. However, when it comes to business quality and settling on a provider that delivers the quality of service your business needs to thrive, few can match the expertise of AppliPlus.

At AppliPlus, we have risen to become the preferred choice for cloud communications solutions for small businesses in India within a short period.

AppliPlus is a cloud communications solution provider that offers businesses industry-standard cloud PBX solutions, and the most competitive cloud communication solutions available in the market.